Allstate Insurance's "Good Hands" are Wrapped Around Your Throat!

I can't stand by silently watching so many people be duped by the calm, collective gentleman touting the wonders of Allstate Insurance Company through it's "accident forgiveness", "safe driving bonus", & other cute deductible programs through a commercial or website. Reminding people they are in "Good Hands" with Allstate. Those "Good Hands":

Let me share another perspective of Allstate Insurance Company (sucks) that you will not find out about until you actually need to use them through a claim, injury, or traumatic event where someone hits you and has Allstate Insurance. Or better yet, and I love it when I explain this to clients, YOU have Allstate Insurance through your Uninsured or Underinsured insurance coverage and they:

  • deny your claim or play hardball;
  • Delay your claim; and
  • Or the funniest, make you have to file a law suit while they defend the at fault party. That's right they (Allstate) defend the party that caused you injury while you try and get compensated through your Underinsured coverage.  Ask a representative today if you think I am lying.

If you have never had to file a claim or utilize the benefits of your own insurance coverage then you have no idea the process that you have to go through when dealing with Allstate. 

Allstate may provide you with a couple dollars savings over another insurance company on the front end but what good is paying an insurance premium if you are not going to be able to utilize those benefits when you need them?--Trey Mills

When Allstate gives you problems, hold on tightly and give us a call to try and get their hands off from around your neck.


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Wil Welborn - June 25, 2009 2:08 PM

OK - as an insurance agent I'm about to agree with a lawyer :-) Luckily we are an independent agency so we don't have to stick our customers with some lousy company. What you said could not be more true. The absolute most ridiculous horror stories we hear from our clients are when they are trying to get a claim paid by Allstate because the Allstate insured driver was at fault.

Allstate regularly tells our clients that they are "investigating the claim" but if they need to get repairs done quickly, to just file it on their insurance - otherwise they just have to wait.

Not only is this just plain wrong, but now our client has to deal with TWO claims and somehow try to make sure the claim is subrogated back to Allstate. Good luck with that!

Dave - July 30, 2009 8:56 PM

I have been an Allstate Auto and Homeowner's Insurance customer since 1965. It has probably been twenty-some years since I had a reportable claim against either of my policies.
Recently I had to have my wife's car serviced and gave her my new cadillac CTS-V to use for the day. It is a standard shift and being used to her automatic Lexus she forgot that you had to apply the emergency brake when parking. The car eventually rolled backwards several feet into anoother parked auto and while there was no damage to that auto, it did dent the trunk lid of my Cadillac.
I have now been told that the "accident foregiveness policy" does not apply and my rates have been increased about 10% per each six months. On top of that while reviewing the claim I find out that Allstate forced the repair shop to use "reconditioned" parts in the repair of my auto even after the repair shop ensured me only new OEM parts would be used in the repair.
I am now shopping for another insurance company.

Trey's Response:
It's important to remember insurance companies are not good just because their premiums are low or offer discounts. Insurance companies are good when they stand behind their word and protect you if something happens to your person or property. Allstate is not good.

Thanks for the testimonial Dave.

Russ DeMott - January 15, 2010 7:34 PM

Great post and nice site, Trey. I do not do personal injury work, but am well aware of Allstate's issues. When I practiced in Michigan, the judges would get so frustrated at Allstate's stall tactics, that they would require the adjuster to attend the pre-trial conferenced just to try to get cases resolve. With one case (200-300k serious injury case), they refused to settle a case over less than 5k difference. I would never do business with them.

layla fanucci - October 26, 2010 9:26 PM

Song I wrote about the number one WORST insurance company, Allstate.
You're NOT in good hands.

J Forrester - May 17, 2011 4:22 PM

On April 15,2011 I was involved in a accident with a man who had Allstate insurance that was going to fast for conditions on a mountain road and he flipped his motorcycle and came across into our lane and totaled our car trailer.The police report said he was at fault. It has been 5 weeks of talking to 2 adjusters one from Tennessee office lying to me and one from their total loss Louisiana office jerking me around and talking very hateful that I had to hang up on him. I have been low balled. Allstate's offer will not pay for replacement. This is a sad way to make a living cheating people.


Welcome to the world of Allstate.

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