Insurance Adjusters Admit to Being Fined for Saying Yes

Many of us remember the "Just Say No" Campaign in an effort to fight the war on drugs. Green shirts were promoted among children with the popular saying to try and thwart our small minds from saying "Yes" to experimental drugs.  In the name of public policy a governmental agency created a slogan, provided t-shirts to poor children and pushed their agenda through the public education system keeping many from being able to enjoy the high of quality street drugs.  

Apparently this "Just Say No" campaign was not just one for the war on drugs but was also accepted by major insurance companies such as Progressive, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, GAINSCO, and Sentry. Just recently, guilt ridden insurance adjusters have come forward admitting that anytime they would say the word "Yes" on the phone with a claimant, they would be fined $500.00. Adversely, the more times they said the word "No" the more opportunities they would have for a professional advancement. 

Many of you have probably encountered this type of interaction after being involved in a motor vehicle collision or having an insurance claim against one of these companies when all the adjuster on the other end of the phone would say is "No".  A recent transcript was released in the article detailing this incident and illustrated how the slogan worked to make billions after taxes for these companies:  (Person Injured- PI) & ( Adjuster Saying Slogan - ASS)

PI: I was just injured by one your insureds when they slammed into the back of us while drunk and driving with a suspended license. 

ASS: No, you didn't. Not possible. No way that could happen. 

PI: Hello? I'm sorry what did you say?

ASS: No. 

PI: No, what?

ASS: No. No means no. No, no, no.

PI: We seem to have a disconnect here. I have an accident report showing what I just told you and video on my phone showing your insured stumbling out of the car with two cases of beer and trying to make a run for it. He didn't get far before he fell face first into a ditch and just started drinking again. 

ASS: Sir, we do not provide insurance to people that drink and do bad things. If we do, we say they didnt do it, we then deny the claim, delay it, and defend it in court just to prove to you we mean no. 

If you have an experienced this kind of interaction with the above companies, please give us a call as we are looking for class members to fight against this injustice. It may be the first day of April, aka April Fools Day, but we are still here to help you and believe this is real. 



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Robert Noftz - January 29, 2016 4:25 AM

Hi. I was in a head on collision with a Geico insured. I have a passenger willing to make a statement. A police officer disputing his witness claims, pictures of the impact zone and sites of witness statements that clearly discredits them, a police report in my favor and soon proof that Geicos party was cited on scene and i never was cited. I was denied yesterday. Now any reasonable human being capable of intelligent thought and reasoning powers can put 2 + 2 together and see how overwhelming my case is. Also, to be ruled a mutual no fault on a head on collision on a 2 lane street is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. Really?! For that to occur one party would need to be avoiding parked cars ( his side of the street ONLY ), turning ( which i allege he did, making a left turn in front of me without signalling or prior notcie, crossing my lane of travel and doing so abruptly with no room to make the turn ) or traveling in the other lane, etc. Someone PLEASE explain to me what sort of horrific alternate universe i slipped into that all these facts count for nothing and it all boils down to a my word vs his word??!? I have a credible witness who also was injured, along with me, who is making a statement and suffered pregnancy complications resulting in an emergency c section 1 month after. Isnt that 2 words to 1 now? 2 doesnt overrule 1 if the evidence and facts are puahed to the side? I mean... Really?!


Insurance companies focus on numbers not reality. They want to make more money, so if they scare 90% of the people away through denials, delays, or just disinterest then the 10% that stay & fight are still cheaper to handle.

It's a Cost Benefits Analysis.

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