Anderson School Bus Hit and Run: Who Pays?

Reports are coming in today that a local Anderson County school bus was violently rear ended and then the at fault vehicle fled the scene into an apartment complex. Luckily there were witnesses to this collision. Why does that matter? Well if you can't find the at fault party, or negligent party, who pays the medical bills for the nine children that were taken by EMS to AnMed Emergency Room? Is Anderson County responsible now? Stay tuned for answers to these legal issues, or just give us a call.



South Carolina Experiences Lower Traffic Deaths at Mid Year 2009

The Anderson Independent was reporting "Traffic Deaths Down in South Carolina for First Half Year":

  • the state had 439 traffic deaths for mid year 2009;
  • a decline from 492 during in the same period in 2008; and
  • an even stronger decline from the 553 in the first half of 2007.

However, there were 11 traffic related deaths in the state of South Carolina during the Fourth of July Holiday weekend.  As far as Upstate South Carolina is concerned, those traffic deaths have included:

South Carolina Highway Patrol considered these declines in traffic fatalities to be in strong part due to seat belt use and sobriety enforcement being at an all-time high in the state.

I encourage everyone to wear your seat belts and don't drink and drive! Let's keep these numbers dropping every year.

As Tim Morgan, a spokesman for the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department, said in regards to traffic fatalities:

“If you have one, if it is your family member, that is one way too many. We don’t wait to look at numbers. We get involved.”