Blackberries, Iphones, and Touch Screens Oh My: Simplicity Save Me

Lately I have caught a lot of grief over my cell phone and its simplicity.  The poor thing only makes calls and texts.  It use to have picture taking abilities but that doesn't work anymore.  The phone I have is a flip phone and sometimes the screen will not work. 

I have tried the fancy phones out. I had a Blackberry for about a week. However, once it was all linked up and ready to go, it buzzed and/or rang all the time. New email, internet alert, and texts. I found myself out at restaurants with beautiful guests yet all I could do was check the internet for scores, stocks, and more emails.  I began to feel vibrations or anticipate "alerts" even when I did not have the phone in my pocket.

I love technology and all the new Web 2.0 social applications, ie Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I think if Verizon had the IPhone, I would have one of those--for at least a week. I realize some people truly are more efficient and can utilize these fancy phones to be a real advantage in a professional setting.  Considering I sit at a desk the majority of the day, I have everything I need in front of me.

What I realized was that like television, video games, or computers, I would allow this small technological device to take my attention away from exciting adventures, interesting people, and beautiful places. The wonders of technology at your fingertips will have to wait a little longer to replace the joy of having a good friend, loving family member, or significant other right nearby on a cool, fall day while the leaves change with the season.

I know you can find a picture of what that may look like or research why the leaves change color on your fancy phone. Can you smell the aging leaf? Hear the wind shifting through the trees? Or touch the leaves and feel their leathery exterior prior to becoming brittle and frail? Me either. I am stuck at work doing things I could probably do out and about on that fancy phone.

Trammell Law Firm, P.A. Joins Facebook

Given all the local marketing we have done lately, Trammell Law Firm, P.A. wanted to take that a step further and join the World Wide Web of marketing and social networking. Enter Trammell Law Firm, P.A. to Facebook. Become a Fan of Trammell Law Firm, P.A. today and keep up with the exciting lives of those working hard to fight off the evil empire of insurance companies.


3 Ways Social Networking Ruined My Social Skills

A once gregarious, crowd worker that could shake hands, kiss babies, and provide that, "How Yooouu Doing!?" (see below) pop was amazed what a few months of social networking did to his real world social skills this past week on a cruise ship full of strangers.

  1. Instead of playing the name game and asking their profession, I wanted to see a list of their "connections" and a brief run down of their working history as told by them. (LinkedIn). Making connections the new cyber space way. Click here.
  2. I wanted a little photo of everyone on the ship and then ask the ones I felt I had more in common with to be "my friend".  (Facebook)
  3. I realized I was not interested unless they could illustrate their point in 140 words or less. (Twitter). Start tweeting to your heart's desire.  "Tweet" me here  




Social Networking- Meet Defense Attorney

When you are on the front lines you always tend to learn quicker than when you are on the sidelines. However, if you aren't prepared every time, each time could be like the first time.

My college aged client performed brilliantly in the deposition we had today and I felt that the account they gave was believable, sincere, and articulate. I prepared my client for questions on the pleadings (specifically the Complaint), on potentially incriminating medical records, and on deposition etiquette in general. What I forgot to remind them of was the potential to be asked questions about photos, sometimes unflattering, they had posted on various social networking websites, like MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Orkut, Friendster and Cyworld.

Brian Dykstra, a senior partner at Jones Dykstra & Associates, wrote an interesting article for entitled "Social Networking Pitfalls".  Although he provides more technical reasons social networkers should be cautious, he proposes this question, "If someone I didn't know called me on the phone and asked me for all this information, would I give it to them?" 

I think another important point is to remember your audience: anyone with a computer and Internet access! Don't put anything up your Mama wouldn't be proud of.