Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC Supports Fort Hill Clemson Club Scholarships to Students

The cost of higher education has increased significantly since the attorneys at Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC have attended universities throughout South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. In an effort to continually give back to those communities we work and live, T&M has sponsored the Fort Hill Clemson Club's fundraiser to provide scholarships to local students since 2011. This event centers around National Signing Day for college football recruiting, with Clemson coaches providing over 700 attendees with information about the newest recruits. More importantly the recipients of the Fort Hill Clemson Club scholarships are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Feel free to contact T&M or the Fort Hill Clemson Club for additional information on how you can support the local Clemson community


 If you want to see some real talent, check out Trey Mills in the video of the sponsors (starting at 4:59-5:30) :


Interstate 85: Traffic Accidents Caused by Speed and Distraction

I was surprised with the amount of fatalities we were having on Interstate 85 back in July of this year and wrote, "Wrecking' Havoc on Interstate 85 in Upstate South Carolina". There were too many fatalities occurring in such a short period of time on the same stretch of interstate that runs from the Georgia/South Carolina border to the Greenville/Anderson County line.

Local journalist, Rick Spruill of the Anderson Independent, took this research on I-85 to a new level in his article entitled, "Pressure Cruise: Traffic Increase on I-85 in Anderson County". Some interesting points to consider are:

In the article, Lance Cpl. Kathy Hiles of the South Carolina Highway Patrol said,

“Unfortunately, we have more distractions than ever with cell phones, GPS units and PDAs with e-mail access. ... Anything that takes you away from the task at hand should be kept to a minimum. It only takes an instant of distraction to create a lifetime of regret.”