Moped Deaths in Greenville and Anderson Bring Focus on Laws and Insurance

The rash of moped fatalities, hit and runs, and just plain moped accidents have been on the rise this year in South Carolina. The Greenville News brought focus on this issue in their article, "Moped Deaths Raise Safety Concerns." I don't think I realized how flexible South Carolina laws are on moped drivers:

Drivers with suspended licenses can ride mopeds for up to six months before they have to get a moped license. The minimum age for driving a moped is 14, a year younger than in Georgia and two years younger than in North Carolina.........only moped drivers under 21 must wear helmets under South Carolina law.

None of the moped drivers involved in the fatal accidents wore helmets and all were under 21. I guess that goes towards the old saying that, "the only good laws are those that are enforced."

Another interesting point is that all these moped drivers are not required by law to carry liability insurance on their mopeds.  Although they havent been the ones causing the accidents there are little to no options if they were to cause accidents or were involved in accidents with vehicles that have no insurance.