When You Fall Head Over Heels, Call Trammell & Mills

We can't help you when you fall in love, or out of love, but we can help you.  What we do involves holding other individuals and companies responsible for their negligence, ignorance, or omissions that caused you harm. Yes, that really means the insurance company hiding behind the people and companies that pay for just that type of incident.  Those negligent, ignorant, or forgetful people and companies often have little to do with the decisions that make you whole again. A wide array of real world examples and some of the most common types of cases are below:

  • injured while working and not really getting straight answers from your employer or HR person;
  • another driver not paying attention and rammed their 3,000 pound hunk of metal into your only means of transportation. Now you can't move your neck or get to work;
  • a tractor trailer driver on interstate 85 nearly kill you when they were switching lanes while texting;
  • neighbor's dog get loose again and bite your child, leaving permanent scars and an infected wound;
  • finally realize you are in need of Social Security benefits and got denied;
  • can't believe a manufacturer would sell a product so dangerous;
  • slip, trip, or fall on someone's property that knew there was a problem where you fell;
  • get jumped on, beat up, called dirty names, and held without your permission until a large retailer realized you actually paid your bill.  Oops, they made a mistake;
  • something not true being written and/or said about you to others;
  • have to lay your motorcycle down because another driver didn't see you.

Those are just the top ten or more scenarios that have come into the office in the past couple months. I am sure there are more but I think you get the point. Enjoy your Valentine's Day and hopefully you never need us. HOWEVER, if you ever do, or know someone that does, just tell them to call us or visit our website.


Fox Carolina News Reports on I85 Congestion

Fox Carolina News investigated the congested nature and much needed repairs of interstate 85. The report featured i85lawyers.com attorney Trey Mills and Michael Dennis with South Carolina Department of Transportation.


FOX Carolina 21

Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC: The Only Name You Need to Know

As of June 1, 2012, our law firm has undergone an incorporation of a new name-mine. I started working with Ernie Trammell straight out of law school seven years ago and the rest is history.

We service primarily the northwest corner of South Carolina, commonly referred to as the Golden Corner, along with the neighboring Georgia counties (as we are licensed to practice law in South Carolina and Georgia). The corridor of interstate 85 runs through the county of our headquarters and keeps us busy with car accidents and trucking cases. There are no shortage of want to be "autobahn" drivers on i85.

When it comes to other practice areas, Ernie Trammell has amassed over 30 years of practicing law and primarily focuses on workers' compensation claims. Ernie has achieved the highest rating through Martindale-Hubbell, with an "AV" rating.

Given the nature of personal injuries and on the job injuries, it seems an easy transition to someone not being able to work any more as a result of their traumatic injuries. Brad Bledsoe heads up the social security disability department of the law firm and has vast experience in working with totally disabled clients. Both Ernie and Brad are licensed in Georgia.

We have continued to diversify our civil law practice by assisting those injured by dog bites, defective products, and premises liability cases involving negligent landowners.

Please continue to keep up with our firm through the many social media avenues found at our website: