South Carolina Litigation Firms Admit They Only Litigate for Insurance Companies

Today several news outlets are reporting that the "ivory tower" defense firms are finally coming clean with their smoke and mirror marketing and admitting that their term "litigation firm" means-only litigating against everyday people for the all powerful insurance companies that pay them hundreds ($300's) of dollars an hour.

This fact is commonly known throughout the hard working, for the people, doing it for justice, workers against evil, otherwise known as Plaintiff's Attorneys, who strive to right the wrongs of the Evil Empire, aka insurance companies. A big move that has many lawyers scratching their heads as to why these firms made of gold, silver, and ivory off the sweat and torture of young associates for 7-10 year spans, all on the promise of a few gold coins more,  would come clean after all these centuries.

Ben Dover of Soma, Baughty, Goinia, Paye, LLC, said, "Well, it doesn't appear like the public is getting any smarter and they sure do forget things pretty quickly. We didn't think this would be any different. Stupid is as stupid does."  Mr. Dover has a point considering the inundated insurance jingles and coarse hands that consumers seem to believe over actually seeking out the advice of an attorney that works for them and educates them on how insurance companies make money.

Mary A. Richman and Robin Banks of Wie, Love, Monet, agreed that it was time. "Given the amount of money we spend on a yearly basis to take those fools to strip clubs in the Legislature, just to have them at our call and beckon, we knew no one could beat us in making laws, through legislators, " said Richman.

No comment could be found available through any of the following litigation firms: Smith More Leatherwood, LLP, Turner Padget Graham & Laney, P.A., Gallivan White & Boyd, P.A., McAngus Goudelock Courie, LLC, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP, Nexsen Pruet, and  McNair Law Firm, P.A. .

If you see any of the above attorneys out and about please ask them about this most recent development on this, the 1st of April, commonly referred to as "April Fool's Day".

 (Last year on this same day, I was hired by Allstate to handle their claims.)