St. Francis of Greenville Emergency Room Visit

I was stepping out of my car onto a curb the other day in downtown Greenville, South Carolina and heard my left foot "pop" three quarters of the way up the foot on my left side.  I immediately felt pain and could not put weight on my foot.  I went straight to the nearest emergency room, which was St. Francis Hospital

The nursing staff and front end people were amazing. They got me in, took my information, got me back to a room in less than thirty minutes. The x-ray technician came and wheeled me into the x-ray room and then carted me back. All that was done within an hour and half. Amazing and I was impressed (at that point).  

Then I felt I was living in Dr. Seuss' "Waiting Place" from Oh! The Places You Will Go. Finally a PA, or physician's assistant, came in and pushed around on the area I indicated was in such pain. I jumped around of course as she did that and she made the comment that maybe she should go look at the x-rays. Really!? The ones you ordered before you ever saw me?

Lastly a nurse comes in and gives me an Ultram tablet and says they are going to wrap the broad side of my foot in an ACE Bandage. Really!? Why? What was the results of the x-rays? Why can I not put weight on it?

No doctor, no consult as to the result of the x-ray, no explanation as to what is wrong with my foot if nothing was broken. Or were they just going to send me home with a fracture to follow up? Did I mention that outside of nursing staff I had billing come back and take my $250.00 co pay for my ER visit?  Money paid and claims will be filed on my health insurance but for what? I got a form that says I saw a doctor. I never saw a doctor. Do you think I will be charged for seeing one? 

When I responded I wasnt leaving until someone explained the results of the x-ray, the possible diagnosis, what I could do to get better, and what I needed to watch out for, they sent the PA back in.  She apologized for it being so hectic (calmest ER I have ever seen and my mother was ER nurse at Lexington Medical Center for 15 years-so I have seen hectic ERs) and then told me I had a sprain.

Fast forward two weeks and I am still in pain and can not put much weight on my foot. I go to Anderson Medical Center, they refer me to Blue Ridge Orthopedics and low and behold, x-rays reveal a broken metatarsal bone in my foot (one of the bones that leads to your toes).

Important things to take from this:

  1. This is not worthy of medical malpractice. Medical professionals range from good to bad just like all professionals.  St. Francis provided poor care. That's it. Move on.
  2. If you have a personal injury, only you know how your body feels.
  3. If you are unhappy with services provided to you, try another hospital, doctor, or medical provider.