Teen Texting & Driving: A Comprehensive Guide For Parents

A guest post from Becker Law Office:

We all know how dangerous it is to be distracted while driving.  Many parents may remember their mothers yelling, “Be quiet, your father is trying to drive!” to the crew of rambunctious kids in the back seat.  These days, there are many more distractions than your father's seemingly continual inability to concentrate.  Texting is one of those distractions, and it has become an epidemic – especially for teens, whose entire lives often seem to hang in the balance of responding to a message.  Immediately.  So, what can you as a parent do to prevent this practice?  Plenty. For the full article click here




'OMG': Distracted Driving by Young Drivers a Nationwide Problem

Drivers getting behind the wheel and texting while driving has become such an epidemic that the United States Department of Transportation has created a website entitled www.distraction.gov. The website is a wonderful research tool and information site for educators, teen drivers, concerned parents, and employers to visit and learn the facts.  Along with the website, USDOT has put together a public service announcement with a compelling and interactive video that will launch this week. 

If you or anyone you know in the family has a teen, young, and/or distracted driver this website should be a requirement before actually getting on the roadways behind the wheel. The facts section illustrates such points as:

  • In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in crashes involving driver distraction, and an estimated 448,000 were injured;
  • Sending or receiving a text takes a driver's eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent-at 55 mph-of driving the length of an entire football field, blind; and
  • Using a cell phone while driving - whether it's hand-held or hands-free delays a driver's reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent.

Did you know that you are 23x more likely to be in collision by texting while driving? That is a scary statistic and something we have noticed here in South Carolina on the roadways of interstate 85. Please use this tool and information to help spread the word.

Go to http://www.distraction.gov/ now!




Felony DUI in Anderson Car Wreck Leaves More than Injuries

The Anderson Independent was reporting that a young lady, Julie George, was charged with one count of felony driving under the influence involving a death for an accident that occurred in Anderson County on Friday, March 5, 2010.

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, this was the tenth death in a motor vehicle crash this year in Anderson County, the highest year-to-date of any county in the state. Ms. George admitted to texting while driving in the moments before the wreck and was unable to pass preliminary alcohol tests. 

The driver that Ms. George struck head on and fatally injured had a 7-month old child and fiancee. 



If You Can't Drive in the South, Don't Leave the State

I just came back from vacation to New York City and Rio de Janeiro. As far as my experiences that relate to this blog, I was amazed at how aggressive, reckless, and yet effective the drivers of any form of transportation drove in those areas without colliding with ANYTHING.

I have traveled by taxi in NYC before but Rio made NYC look like a kiddy ride. Three lanes of traffic, meant 5 wide and motorcycles racing in between. This included the mass transit buses that weaved in and out of traffic better than the motorcycles. We took the subway, taxis, buses, and walked throughout each city and I could not help but thinking about all the wreck cases I get in a small, rural community in the Golden Corner of South Carolina.

However, in these huge metropolitan cities I never saw an incident. I am sure other bloggers in those areas could fill me in with statistics but from a brief observational standpoint, you would think incidents would be higher. Yet, considering the majority of the drivers are professional, ie taxi cab drivers, mass transit, and other courier services, that could be the reason. 

Regardless, I encourage all my past, present, and future clients to take advanced driving courses before they head out of the state or out of country with the intentions on driving;

  • The 80 year old, driving the Cadillac in the left lane may be pummeled;
  • I can't even think about the young, teenager that just got his license- ouch; or
  • The texting driver not really paying attention.

Happy Trails to you.