Bon Voyage Roy Trammell: Quasi Attorney/Paralegal/Runner

Today, a boy heads off on his journey to become a man. Actually he is already a man but he leaves the nest to forge out into the unknown realm beyond the darkness, aka the real world.  Our sometimes legal advisor, sometimes paralegal, sometimes runner, sometimes receptionist and most times web surfer extraordinaire; completes his four year post graduate internship to follow in the footsteps of his father and embark upon law school. 

Roy and I started working at the Trammell Law Firm, P.A. about the same time in 2005.  I was new to the Anderson area and he was an excellent host.  It was hard to manage the employer/employee relationship given our interconnected social explorations in the hot Electric City nightlife but all worked out just fine. One thing is for sure, he would answer the call late into the night and come bail you out of any trouble.  The sign of a true friend.

I will miss the "What's going on, dude!?", salutations I often overheard Roy solicit to clients, staff, attorneys and the like.  My nerves may be a little more at ease from not worrying about his caring and kind heart wanting to reach out and help someone, albeit at the expense of providing them legal advice or direction over the phone.  Hopefully before he leaves he will give me one more, "What you got going on this weekend, dog?"

Well wishes and high marks are wished upon you, Roy. May your travels up to the Northern states be safe and your pursuits at Thomas Cooley Law School be successful.