Millions of Dollars Missing in Anderson, Oconee & Pickens Counties

People throughout Anderson, Oconee, & Pickens Counties are missing their money.  In fact, they’re missing millions.  For many, it’s a few thousand dollars…but for some, it’s a whole lot more.  And many of these victims don’t even realize their own money is gone.

How is this possible?  Money that is rightfully theirs—owed to them for any number of legitimate reasons—simply isn’t paid.  It happens every day, because no one stands up for the people who need it most.  In a lot of cases, it’s pure greed on the part of an employer or an insurance company

Every day, workers suffer injuries at on the job.  They are legally entitled to be paid because of those injuries, but insurance companies deny claims without even blinking.  Others have valid Social Security claims that are routinely dismissed.  And folks get hurt daily in car wrecks, slip and fall cases, and dog bite cases only to be told the insurance company won’t pay.

These people are legally entitled to collect money, but can’t do it on their own.  They don’t know how to fight the system, so they give up.  The Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC steps forward to help these victims, with great success.  Ernest Trammell, Trey Mills, Bradley Bledsoe and Roy Trammell have the compassion and experience to truly help.

In a lot of cases, insurance companies use complex legal language to deny claims.  The professionals at Trammell & Mills translate the legal talk into words anyone can understand.  They take the mystery out of legal documents, so people can make the right decisions.

The attorneys of Trammell & Mills are dedicated to helping the people who need it most.  And they believe in giving back to the Anderson community.  They actively support local groups like the Anderson Free Clinic,  Boy Scouts, Cancer Association of Anderson, Coaches 4 Character,  Miracle Hill Ministries, Tackling the Streets, The Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyThe Red Cross, and YMCA.  They serve at church, on IPTAY and on bank boards.  They’re caring neighbors.

They believe in doing the right thing.  And that means standing up to the nameless, faceless insurance companies who make heartless decisions without thinking.  They help the people of Anderson County get the money they’re missing.  Learn how The Trammell & Mills Law Firm LLC can help you at or contact us at 864-231-7171. 


"Wrecked?" on Interstate 85 Illustrated in Reality

The Anderson Independent used today's front page article to help publicize and illustrate the reality of interstate 85 and the dangers that exist on this roadway in South Carolina every day. That is something Trammell & Mills Law Firm, LLC has been doing on that stretch of interstate for awhile as you can see with our billboard in the background:

500 Motor Vehicle Collisions Reported in Northwest Corner of South Carolina from Ice

The South Carolina Highway Patrol reported that over 500 wrecks, or collisions, occurred during the icy weather that came into the upstate on Friday, January 25, 2013. The northwestern corner of South Carolina, also known as the "Golden Corner", was blanketed with freezing rain early on Friday causing Pickens and Oconee County government offices to close early. 

Unfortunately, a fatality was reported in Pickens County when 52-year-old, James Allen Carroll, lost control of his 2003 F-250 pickup on an icy patch on U.S. 123. Another fatal collision occurred in Spartanburg County in a multiple car pile up.  All other wrecks and collisions reported indicated non-fatal injuries.


Anderson Independent:  "Icy Weather in Upstate Brings Two Fatal Accidents, Many School and Office Closures"

The Post and Courier: "Hundreds of South Carolina Wrecks Blamed on Icy Roads"

Why Is It Important to Report a Wreck to the Highway Patrol or Local Police?

First and foremost for accountability when it comes time to be reimbursed for your property damage or personal injuries.  Yes, this essentially equates to insurance purposes. The person that causes the collision may be apologetic and a "really nice person" at the scene but a couple days later have a change of heart and not be so forthcoming with their admission of liability.   Therefore the primary reason is to ensure that the at fault, or sole contributor, that admits to being inattentive or distracted is memorialized by the reporting South Carolina Highway Patrol or local authorities. The primary goal of any insurance company is to protect their insured and if their insured said it was not their fault, the property damage on your car or medical treatment you incurred is not going to be reimbursed anytime soon, if at all.

Secondly, if this is a serious offense and someone is driving on the roadways under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they need to be stopped! Hopefully, no one is seriously injured and by helping this person realize the gravity of their actions, you may save lives down the road.

Thirdly, you have no idea the true impact this collision will have on any property damage to your car or any personal injuries to your person. (no pun intended). Your adrenaline is pumping, so you feel no pain initially. Or the frame of your car is bent but you don't realize that until you pull off and the vehicle drives crooked. Too late. You let that "nice person" go with a handshake and a smile. That's okay, I am sure you have a couple thousand dollars lying around to repair your car and medical expenses.

A few tips if you are in an accident, from both a personal injury lawyer and person that has been in two accidents (neither of which were his fault):

  • Call 911 or *HP immediately, regardless of severity. If not life threatening tell the operator and explain the details. Those calls are recorded by the way;
  • Take pictures of the property damage with your fancy phone or at the very least make a mental note;
  • Make sure to get any contact information from any witnesses, especially if they do not have time to stick around for the reporting officer. They can still be helpful but not if you don't know how to get in touch with them. It would be better if they could stick around and talk to the officer;
  • If the other party tries to leave the scene make every effort to get their license tag, vehicle description and/or notify the 911 operator. License tags are usually only 6 characters. You can remember that;
  • If you feel any pain at all, notify the reporting officer and go get checked out when the ambulance, or EMS comes out. Otherwise, you know what the insurance company for the at fault driver will say?  "Obviously you were not hurt because you did not seek immediate medical attention."


Allstate Makes Me an Offer I Can't Refuse

It appears the behemoth insurance company, Allstate, does have some type of consumer conscious after all.  Through my repeated articles denouncing the insurance company for their unprofessional and unethical claims handling:

They have decided to hire me on as a consultant to change their brand awareness. They have offered me a salary into seven figures and 10% of any noticeable increase I can bring through higher premiums, less payouts, and lower defense fees.  Given that Allstate brought in $518 million in net income for the most recent 4th quarter of this recession, business is good!

More importantly they have allowed me the freedom of closing all their outstanding claims for minor wrecks, major wrecks, and anything under $10,000.00 in medicals by extending an offer of 3-4x your medical bills, plus $5,000.00 extra for your patience as they have surely yanked you around in the past couple months.  (For example, if your medical bills are $5,000.00, I can offer you $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 + $5,000.00 inconvenience charge--you choose the value you prefer).

All you have to do to get this settlement is mention to your adjuster that Allstate's new Positive Brand Awareness CEO, Floyd S. "Trey" Mills III said it was okay. It's time to enjoy your freedom and move on with your lives. Let us rejoice with this new conscious of such a formerly evil company.

Best wishes with your settlements on this, the 1st of April, commonly referred to as "April Fool's Day".