Allstate Policy Holders and Victims Should Know They Are Not in Good Hands

In legal circles, insurance circles, and amongst colleagues of both sides of the coin, plaintiffs and defendants,  there is an on going understanding of how awful Allstate Insurance claims adjusting and case evaluations are in comparison with reality and fairness. 

I tell everyone that comes in my office how bad Allstate Insurance company is when it comes to providing a fair or reasonable offer on their personal injury claim. Again, truth is an absolute defense to any potential libel or slander claims so I want to put forth the TRUTH about Allstate:

  1. Insurance adjusters for other insurance companies have resolved their portion of a claim with me and said, "Good luck"; "I wouldn't want to deal with them", "I don't see how they haven't been shut down by the state", in reference to resolving the other portion of the claims with Allstate;
  2. I have been told by an Allstate insurance adjuster that regardless of what my client's treating physicians said they were not paying the claim because she didn't think my client was hurt. (She may have had a college degree but no medical training or certification);
  3. Allstate insurance representatives (in SC) have openly discussed with me how bad the company is run, how ridiculous the claims process is for them to get any authority, and how a machine (Colossus) tells what your claim is worth, not a person;
  4. Allstate adjusters have told my clients (prior to my representation), that they can't possibly be hurt because of the collision they were in and need to settle the case because an attorney can't help them;
  5. A year or two ago they use to have a system to try and move cases and it didnt matter what happen or what injuries the client received. It was based solely on medical bills. From $0-2,500 they would offer $500; $2,500-7,500 a $1,000 and so on but no more than $2,000 regardless of the amount;
  6. I have had numerous cases where they offered to settle for less than or equal to the medical bills and then I file suit and go through the litigation motions only to settle for a reasonable value and absolutely no facts, medical bills, or circumstances arose that would merit such an increase other than the fact, I filed suit.  (one such instance was so ridiculous that my client had a $15,000 offer and absolutely nothing changed but litigation was initiated--we settled for nearly half a million); and
  7. More than half a dozen defense attorneys I work with have made this specific statement when discussing Allstate cases, "Well Trey, you know this is Allstate........."  (No other insurance company is mentioned in that regard).

Why do I hate Allstate Insurance Company so much?

  • I do not believe they conduct their insurance practice in good faith;
  • Their commercials grate on every nerve I have when I know how poorly they treat their own insureds (what you are if you have Allstate Insurance), much less victims injured by their insureds; and
  • Consumers (you if you buy anything) are not educated on the front line about what they are buying and then they are being taken advantage of by their own insurance companies.

My solution:

  1. I have decided to fight Allstate regardless of the time, resources, and value on the claim;
  2. I educate every person I see, regardless if they become a client, on insurance and how bad Allstate conducts claims;
  3. I remain an active voice for those that have been deceived, manipulated, talked down to, and dejected by uninformed, uneducated, and ignorant Allstate representatives; and
  4. I blog when my blood pressure gets sky high because an Allstate adjuster just offered me $1,200 over medical bills of $12,800 and did not dispute that their insured was at fault or the injuries my client received. When I asked the reasoning for the offer and he gave some BS answer I made the comment that I don't know why I even ask anymore and he said, and I quote verbatim, "Yeah, I don't know either. I came from another claims office and it just seems like a waste of time."

I am always open to hearing the other side of this issue or in lieu of no one having anything good to say about Allstate either, more war stories of how bad they are. 


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Kelly - February 26, 2010 11:22 AM

Trey, you are absolutely correct. I worked for a different insurance company for years as a defense trial attorney. I dreaded having a co-defendant insured by Allstate. It always made it much more difficult to resolve the case fairly. I also had represented plaintiffs in personal injury suits between 1995-2000, and Allstate was using a similar strategy then too. I've heard all the same things and experienced the same problems you have had with Allstate.

Tony Duncan - March 2, 2010 9:03 AM


Unfortunately, this is how Allstate does business...and it's pathetic. Keep spreading the word about just how bad things are with Allstate. People need to know they are "not in good hands" when they're insured by that company.


Barry Doyle - March 4, 2010 8:04 AM

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has that reaction to Allstate's TV commercials. My wife has told me to stop screaming "LIAR!!!!" at the TV set when they tell people they are in good hands with Allstate.

It just kills me when potential clients call and are trying to decide whether they need a lawyer or not and say something along the lines of, "Well .... at least I am dealing with a pretty good company on the other side. The guy who hit me was insured with Allstate." That's the kind of misinformation that millions of dollars of advertising will buy Allstate.

Clark Coberly - March 15, 2010 12:54 PM

I am trying to put my hands (eyes) on the infamous Mckinzey Documents that Allstate tried so hard to hide. They posted them on their web site in 2008 until the current storm blew over, then they disappeared again. There were supposed to be 150,000 pages of stuff. Any help would be appreciated.

layla fanucci - April 20, 2010 7:46 PM

Song title: You're not in good hands:
Below,my song I wrote about our 14 year fight with allstate insurance company.

Let's expose this criminal insurance company and hold them accountable.
Layla Fanucci

P Nielsen - August 6, 2010 2:13 PM

Had a recent experience where I got renters insurance for the first time after having a break in. The break in I had items total $700 value taken, glad not alot was taken so I went to get insurance. After getting insurance the criminals came back and got the rest of my things ($18k worth of things)again while at work again. I know who stole my things it was the neighbor across the street so they easy can see when Im at work and not.

Allstate rejects my claims saying I state I had no Losses or Damages over the past 5 yrs on the contract the agent filled out. I told them I was under the impression that meant if I had any claims in the past 5 years. Did not know I was to list every time someone had taken anything from me in the past 5 yrs. $700 loss I can recover from but $18k isnt that easy. Everytime I have anything missing from a penny on up is a loss. Mentioned the first break in to the agent and the agent never told me that they have to cancel me of any types of loss I have had. regardless of amount.

Dhiren - August 9, 2010 10:20 AM

Agree....i bought policy over phone and it was 1100...
some time later they send me the coverage plan with 2100...
I am not sure why did they chanrge 1000 extra...The result is due to dispute they sent it to collection... its black email....I just have one question to them prove me that I agreed to but the plicy for 2100 , not 1100..yet to get answer...

Lila - September 7, 2010 1:02 PM

I used to kind of like that actor who is the spokes hole for Allstate. Now I wouldn't go and see anything he's done if someone paid me. I want to reach through the TV and knock some sense into that poor man.

cory - March 3, 2011 7:51 PM

I got 2 checks from allstate ins. The first was for damaged carpet and tile remove and replace .the second check bounced! I thought it was for the extra elec and damaged items that where in my basement and cleaning it was not. It was for the cleaning service however I had been told by the allstate agent that a check would be sent directly to the cleaning service that i did not need to worry about it. Allstate then sent another check to the cleaning service and stopped payment to the one sent to me. Allstate did not call or send any letter telling me this.I had no reason to believe that this check was not for me. I put the check in my checking account. And a few days later my checking account is in the hole over 1300 with bad check fees and negative balance fees now I am in a panic.I called allstate and was told it was my fault that I should not have put that check into the bank.I asked what about the check I was supposed to get for my damaged items and the extra electricity. I can get no answer on that and I am told my claim is closed. I now get the runaround every time I call. I also have large increases in my premiums in 07 $460 in 08 $535 09 $791 in 10 $ $883 are these normal increases? I have only filed 1 claim.


Contact your state Department of Insurance and file a claim.

Vanessa L - August 23, 2011 3:32 PM

Wow. I had no idea Allstate conducted business like that. Do they even disclose that they won't pay realistic in small print? Don't they have to? I thought insurance companies were highly regulated.

james - March 17, 2012 7:57 PM

I used to work for Allstate the claims guys told me that they should turn down all claims on homes and make the customer sue them. Plus they are firing agents at an alarming rate most for doing what managers tell them to do. Stay away from this company

rovid - January 4, 2013 5:09 AM

Welcome to the land of the free ,Allstate is that way because we let them be that way ,to fix that whenever we see a lawsuit we should jump in and help our fellows in need, knowledge is power,love is eternal , carelessness is painful ,we let a giant grow too big we end up in good hands,elect to fight or loose it all.


Amen. Report abuse from Allstate to your state's Department of Insurance or more powerful these days-social media.

Vessa - February 13, 2014 11:14 AM

I was in an acciedent with an Allstate FC policy holder and he admitted that it was his fault and there still tryig to fight me tooth and nail about the situation my two sons were in the car and they are terrifiyed of cars getting close to our car. They dont want to pay for rent a car medical expenses i reall y need some advice on this.


You are going to need an attorney to fight Allstate. That is how they are set up. That or take pennies on the dollar because they deny, delay, defend. That is their mantra and that is how they make money.

You can also report your complaints to:
1) Your state's Department of Insurance; or
2) Better Business Bureau

Janna - July 7, 2014 9:38 PM

I am currently in a dispute with my ex-Allstate agent. I had called in and canceled my auto policies a day before they ran out but they didn't. After I bought insurance through a new company I found out she had listed a farm truck as having a lein, which it NEVER had, and full coverage when I asked for minimum farm coverage. When I questioned her about it her response: "Well, I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't ask for it ans told me there was a lein!" SERIOUSLY!?!? After several serious emails with her, she sais ahe would try to get Allstate to adjust the premium but said she didn't expect them to because we had had a policy renewal and we didn't catch the error in the policy renewal. Now they have charged us $53 in a late fee while we are waiting to hear back from her! Any suggestions?


I would strongly consider the following:

a) Report to Department of Insurance for your state, in South Carolina you can go here to fill this form out and report a problem-;
b) Report to Better Business Bureau at
c) Hire an attorney to fight this "Unfair Trade Practice" or other such wrong an attorney can determine after looking at all the information you provide.

alexa - July 11, 2014 7:15 PM

Don't get me started. I am fighting them now over a private critical illness claim that I've been told they didn't covet the illness prior to Jan 1, 2024, and they'd only pay a max of $600 anyway. Like that covers one visit to a specialist before u talk about prescriptions and travel. This started over 4 yrs ago when i was assaulted at work and during surgery found out i had cancer. Allstate conveniently lost my forms for coverage, illnfound the forms and then said they were late and then finally denied me the max coverage because i was 3 lbs over the weight limit. So they gave me "minimal coverage" for the employees. When i was "voluntarily terminated" against my knowledge i swapped to s private i thought. Nope its still under the employers policy and i can't get help. Im sick if talking to reps who have no medical training much less know what the


Insurance is an evil game.

sandra - July 23, 2014 11:06 PM

Well i currently have a accident case with them. A lady was driving and ran the light and T-bone on the drive side now the allstate paid for the van to get fix by the way i was at work am a driver just got done picking up my clients stop because i had the red light and processed to go acrossed the intersection when the light change to green and boom out of nowhere she hit me 14 people on the van these are elderly people me and other passenger is the ones who got hurt i am still suffering from chronic back pains my back lock on me anyway was going to doctor and therapy for about lets see the accident happen in february and went to doctor until April being on light duty hurted my paycheck bad and am behind on bills.. I have a lawyer which still not speeding nothing up..its going on August and still haven't got a settlement offer yet...Allstate claims they can't make offer yet because there's another case on my claim also..BS...a bunch of BULL
Why is taking to so long to make a offer...?


Insurance companies make money by keeping it...for as long as they can and never giving it to anyone else.

W morray - April 13, 2015 6:12 PM

I was unfortunately hit by a driver with Allstate insurance. The accident was 100% the fault of the other driver and my car was totaled. I made the mistake of trying to keep my healthcare and his insurance costs under control. I wish I had hired an attorney to protect my rights.

Billy Mcguire - August 10, 2015 1:40 AM

Allstate is a company that needs a taste of thier on medication I have a claim against them for about two years now and loseing everything I have because of my expenses home car even the way I used to be able to iam in such pain now I wish it would all end no help from Allstate just more pressure dealing with them iam the victim here not Allstate where does it end with these big cooperation cant even get them in a court room thier sides not ready yet it took everything away from me as I knew it in my life I wish they could be in ny body right now and feel what I feel morphine doesnt even kill the pain kill allstate as it does me I have no life now

Texas - November 3, 2015 10:40 AM

A truck made an illegal right turn on an intersection and hit my car on the rear driver side by the gas tank. She tried to leave without calling the police. I said no, we should wait. She gave me her insurance card, apologized and admitted guilt. She said she didn't know she shouldn't turn right from that lane and said she had to leave because she was late for her MRI appointment. Needless to say, the cop arrives and she changes her story to say she was going straight. She is insured by Allstate. Even though the evidence is clear and the report states she made an illegal right turn, no Driver License on had and expired insurance card on hand, Allstate says I am at fault because there is no evidence their policy holder made an illegal right turn! And to have no contact from them for over 2 weeks after I submitted the claim, is ridiculous! I've never had such an awful experience with insurance company's until I dealt with them.

Tracy - January 22, 2016 11:19 PM

Allstate is the devil. Someone hit
Us at a stoplight and because statistics say it's not normal to get the neck injury I did they won't pay it and I've had lawyers fighting for three years on this. I'm out 16k in Med bills and it's ruined my credit. Plus liens on me.


Yes, they are.

Would you listen to the devil on how to get to Heaven? Then why listen to insurance adjusters on how to settle a case against them?

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Frank - February 1, 2016 2:55 PM

Hello - Back on December of 2015 I was involved in a minor accident minor, but never the less a $1,600 dollars on property damage. I have been personally negotiating with the adjuster back and forth and I believe that you’ve reached a stalemate. Last week I received a check from Allstate for 2,000 dollars for my inconvenience (Which I haven’t cashed) because I believe that it is an unfair amount. I told him that I will settle for at least $5,000 but not for 2 grand, and not to mention that I still have to pay my therapy session that I had done for 1 week because of some discomfort on my lower back that bill came out to $1,100 dollars so basically I’m staying with $900 dllrs. for my inconvenience. I still have pain and discomfort on my lower back but I can’t afford continue going with the Therapy Center, because the bill will grow even more. I’m running out of options. What can I do?



You should probably hire an attorney, but you have now put a ceiling on what the attorney can ask for since Allstate knows what you are willing to take. Small Claims, or Magistrate Court, is always an option too. Good luck.

Hunter McDonald - February 3, 2016 1:32 PM

Hello, my soon totaled his car and it was a one car accident. The All State person came.....this is a 2000 Acura TL with 232k miles in really good condition. The value of the car is about $3400 and CCC one is trying to give me 2100- 500 deductable 1600....I am not accepting I hit them with 3 other estimates of the same year vehicle and similar miles that have a retail of about 3900 to 4900 to me they should take the difference of the mileage away and conditon of the vehicle subtract it from the average of the 3 and write me a check. Why is this so difficult? I am in Florida.


Insurance companies make money by keeping the premiums not paying them out in claims. They dont want you to have any of their money. If they make it hard on you, you will give up.

Alejandro Garcia - February 9, 2016 2:18 PM

My wife got rear-ended by a person insured with Allstate. I have been getting the runaround for almost a month now. I just got in contact with the adjuster from who knows where and he tells me that he still needs a statement from my wife(who was driving) and their insured because the stories don't match supposedly. I'm very glad that I don't have Allstate as my insurance. I just want this nightmare over and my vehicle fixed.

Steve - April 15, 2016 12:57 PM

All state lies,cheats & steals. I was involved in auto accident with one of their insured..totally his fault. Took them 17 days to get me a rental car. They committed to pay rental fees & I left credit card for deposit. Ended up thy charged me 600 for car rental. All state said they would repair my car with new parts if I stated...thy used only used parts.they disregarded my neck & back injuries time lost & chiropractic expenses in settling case for 5ooo. They are the biggest crooks on planet earth. Stay away from allstate at all cost.

Renee - July 26, 2016 10:05 PM

My roof started leaking and Allstate has had 2 or 3 different claims adjusters to look at the damage. And now they have taken so long and we have had a lot of rain my ceilings are molded and mildewed. It is awful. And they still have not let us know what they are going to do. They say our roof was not put on right but how were we suppose to know that. Still they should take care of it or cover it. That's why we pay for insurance! I need some advice bad. I can't stand to see my house in this condition. My house has only been built for about 13 years and we also contacted them when our house was about 5 years old because of a storm tore some shingles off and they didn't take care of that either. They told use to patch it and our shingles were discontinued so we had different shingles on our roof when it was only 5 yrs old. Just makes me sick to my stomach! Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?


Contact a local, reputable roofer in your area and have them look at it. Once they make the determination opposite Allstate's, aka reality, then contact a local attorney for bad faith.

Google and realize their mantra is deny, delay, defend. They have your replacement roof money in an investment right now making money while you suffer. That's how they make money.

Mary Reyes - August 4, 2016 2:26 PM

I have had Allstate for almost 3 years my premium started at 173.00 now its up to 300.00 I have only on Claim for 67.00 got a rate increase now they are trying to pay a scam artist a claim that is not valid just to increased my insurance all 300.00 for liability insurance??? I sick and try and there adjuster are cludeless! they fight there clients not the bad guys!

Jay Bowers - November 17, 2016 6:59 PM

I was just denied coverage on my home owners policy on water damage claim. Ref page 33 sub paragraph 13 and other bs you are never in good hands with Allstate Do NOT BUY!

jennifer brown - March 20, 2017 12:08 PM

yeah dealing with them now they did not send an adjuster to the place i had my car towed BECAUSE I COULD NOT DRIVE IT AND THEY INSIST THAT THE ACCIDENT DID NOT CAUSE THIS TO MY CAR drove fine that morning until it was smashed in the back later that morning hired an attorney worse company i have ever dealt with had to tell the rep MAM YOU WERE NOT THERE SO HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD I WAS RAMMED IN THE BACK

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