On Saturday, June 17, 1995, I had just returned from an up & down week at South Carolina’s Palmetto Boys State, sponsored by the American Legion. It was up & down due to the weird things going on with my body that just didn’t seem normal-night sweats, back pains, inability to use the bathroom at times, throwing up after I ate, & being really tired participating in sports activities throughout the week.
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I have been trying to find motivation after returning from my first full week of vacation without any contact with the office to offer some great epiphany or advice. Instead I simply return with a clear head and a fresh start, which is good enough for me.

However, I did come across an article in

I had never heard of methamphetamine referred to as the "Devil’s Drug", until I saw what a crushing blow it could have on a local family, leaving young children and a loving wife in its wake. 

It’s hard for loved ones and even addicts to reach out for help but there are so many resources made