A brief introduction as previously reported by Paul Kiel for ProPublica:

As we’ve noted before [1], the main cause of AIG’s collapse was its credit-default swap portfolio. The swaps were essentially insurance contracts on securities, and for a fee, AIG guaranteed the security’s value. The problem: If the prices of the securities collapsed, AIG

Please see the reprint from the breakdown provided by South Carolina’s Voice for Limited Government

$860 million to maintain Medicaid eligibility and services available to recipients
Public Assistance and Welfare
$387.3 million for food stamps
$98.1 million for unemployment compensation (extra $100 week for unemployed)
$36.3 million in child care and development grants

    We want to assume that the majority of people are inherently good and that those people perform the integral duties by becoming the spokes of industry, or corporations. Subsequently making the majority of corporations inherently good.  If you live in today’s world simply observing day-to-day headlines, you understand that general belief is not a