Off Topic/Random Thoughts

I dedicate this song to all those sorry sack of s*& attorneys that steal clients from other attorneys after they sign them up. 

(Scroll to the bottom and click on the video to get "the beat".)

I Already Got An Attorney 

Verse One:
Aiyyo sweetie, you’re lookin kinda hurt
What’s a client like you, doin

Short Answer: I’m not. I do not believe I have ever met anyone by that description in my profession either plaintiff, defense, corporate, tax, real estate, or otherwise.

The past three years I have been working in this state after having met the requirements set out by the Supreme Court of South Carolina by passing three days

Yes, I did.  My grandmother, Becky French, had a heart attack several months ago and I promised I would bring her up to Greenville to see my house and where I work.  I had not made good on that promise yet and she reminded me every time we talked.

However being a third year lawyer,  I